Leadership Team Bios

Leadership Team Bios

Meet our FY16 Officers


Erica Parrott



Erica Parrott is a native of Charleston, SC and a graduate of Burke High School.  She received her Bachelor’s of Science in Industrial Engineering at Clemson University.  After graduation, she began her career with United Parcel Service, Inc (UPS) as an Industrial Engineering Management Trainee.  After 2 years, she was promoted to a Full Time Supervisor in the Industrial Engineering Department supporting the Coastal South Carolina Operations. She rotated through various assignments within the Industrial Engineering Department at UPS throughout South Carolina and Georgia before departing to pursue other opportunities.  Erica joined the Boeing South Carolina 787 Final Assembly IE team in 2011.  After a year, she was promoted to the Lead Engineer position of her team and has rotated to 2 other teams in that same position.  She is currently the Lead Engineer of an Industrial Engineering team of 8 whose main area of responsibility is the Passenger Deck.  This includes the installation of seats, stowbins, personal service units, galleys, lavatories, and crew rests.  Most recently, she was selected for a  temporary Manager assignment within her department to fulfill a unexpected vacancy.

Erica is married and the proud mother of 2 adorable kids.  In her spare time, she enjoys reading, mentoring, singing, and spending time with her family.  She has served for 2 years as the Society of Women Engineers Lowcounty Section Secretary and looks forward to continuing her journey as a member of SWE


What do you like and dislike about your career?

I like the flexibility of my career.  Industrial Engineering is sort of a jack of all trades kind of engineering, we focus more of processes and plans more than “things” so our work is mostly theoretical and intertwines with some of the other engineering.  We can work in manufacturing but we can also work in places like hospitals, insurance companies, and amusement parks.  What I dislike about Industrial Engineering is that it doesn’t always get the respect that it deserves.  Because we don’t touch “materials” like the other disciplines we get less respect, but we had to take some of the same courses as most of the other disciplines.


Nevertheless, I enjoy my career and couldn’t imagine doing anything other than what I’m doing right now.


Vice President



Veronique Parker



Veronique Parker grew up in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York. Her dreams of becoming an Aerospace Engineer led her to attend college at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, NY for four years. Veronique was active in RPI’s SWE section all through college. Senior year, she held an officer position as Secretary and helped plan and participated in most of the section’s events. She attended the sWE 12 conference in Houston, TX and the Region F conference at the University of Connecticut. She graduated in May 2013 with her Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering and a minor in Psychology. Immediately after graduation she moved to Charleston, South Carolina to begin her career with Boeing as a product review engineer for the C17 program. Since then she has represented Boeing at the sWE 13 conference in Baltimore, attended the professional development event “Be Comfortable and Confident at Any Event”, volunteered as a judge for a local FIRST LEGO league, helped man the SWE booth at Boeing’s E-Week showcase, and attended other local professional society events. She is extremely excited for this opportunity to become more involved in the Lowcountry SWE section!


What do you do?

I am an Avionics and Flight Controls Field Engineer on the Boeing C-17 program.  My teammates and I work directly with the Air Force to keep the world-wide C-17 fleet mission capable.  We work in an office right on the flight line at the Charleston Air Force Base.

What is a good/bad day like?

A good day is when I leave work feeling like I helped accomplish something that will positively impact the world.  I love a day spent on the jets on the flight line, increasing my understanding of the various aircraft systems.  It is a good feeling when I find something while analyzing flight data that will help the Air Force fix a problem on one of their jets.  I enjoy working with a team with such diverse experience and knowledge-especially when it all comes together to solve a pressing issue!



Erin Bayles



Erin is a native “city” girl, born & raised in Detroit, Michigan. She attended the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor where she earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering. She started her career working for an Architectural Engineering firm designing HVAC & plumbing systems. She later moved into the automotive field at Chrysler supporting the engines group. While attending a SWE conference in Baltimore, Erin interviewed for an engineering position at Global Aeronautica in South Carolina. With no idea that she would soon be a Boeing employee, she accepted a Manufacturing Engineering position and relocated to Charleston, SC in 2009. She is now a Structures Design Engineer and recently took on the role as Newsletter Editor for SWE Lowcountry.


Section Rep

Monique Warren



Monique received her Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematical Sciences from Clemson University.  She began her aerospace career as a Quality Engineer at Northrop Grumman in Milledgeville, Georgia.  Currently working as a Quality Engineer at Boeing South Carolina, she continues to work with cross-functional teams on corrective action implementation and process improvements.  She has served as the Lowcountry Social Chair since 2012 and is also a member of American Society for Quality.  Monique is excited about the future of SWE and serving the Lowcountry section during FY 14-15!  Plans for the upcoming year are to increase SWE membership and the participation level of current SWE members.

Alternate Section Rep



Social Media Chair

Michelle Bohne

photo 3crop


Michelle grew up in Tucson, Arizona and moved to Tempe for college. She began her studies at Arizona State University in the School of Art, and then quickly found that her more suitable career would be started in the Materials Science & Engineering program. During her years in college Michelle joined the Society of Women Engineers, Material Advantage, and the Photography Club, exercising her interests in both the worlds of art and science. Michelle graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Materials Science Engineering and a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts in Photography.

After graduating in 2012, Michelle moved to Charleston, SC to work as a Materials, Process and Physics engineer in the Boeing Research and Technology group. Since moving, Michelle has been involved in SWE Lowcountry section, and served as webmaster during the 2013-2015 terms.


Professional Development Chair



Scholarship Chair

Brittney Beck



Brittney Beck  is currently working as a BR&T Engineer for the Assembly & Automation Group in Charleston, SC @ Boeing.  She holds a Bachelor’s in Aeronautical Engineering.  Currently, she resides in Charleston, SC with her boyfriend & dog.

Last year, Brittney held the Scholarship Chair Position on the SWE Board.  Brittney is a very motivated individual who always strives for success and organized the 1st Annual Silent Auction.  The auction helped raise money for the scholarship fund and had more than 40 donations from all over the United States, ultimately raising over $1500.  Brittney has extensive experience in fund raising and has held similar roles with various other events and organizations. Event planning is something that comes naturally to her.

Events Chair











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