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Diamond Award- Brittney Beck

Brittney Beck served as the publicity char for FY 2013-2014 and is currently serving as the scholarship chair for this fiscal year 2014-2015. Both positions are new to the Lowcountry section but were created and suggested by Brittney herself based on a gap she saw needed to be filled within our section. She suggested the publicity chair as a means to help advertise our events more strategically and systematically. She coordinated with Boeing communication officers to broadcast our events across their facilities and to solicit volunteers and attendees. Brittney suggested that the section offer a scholarship to a local high school student this year. She volunteered to be in charge of the fund raising, the application process, and the candidate selection. Thus the scholarship chair was born! She suggested that the section put on a silent auction, soliciting items from local (and non-local) businesses to auction off to raise funds for the scholarship. Brittney contacted over 50 businesses, informing them of SWE’s mission, about what STEM means, and the sections desire to assist a local student on their journey to college to major in a STEM related field. She made phone calls, filled out request forms, and dropped into many businesses over a 4 month span. As a result, we gained over $5000 worth of merchandise to auction off! Brittney also organized, planned, and executed the auction flawlessly. While soliciting donations, Brittney has encountered so many who are passionate about STEM and have helped to make most aware of STEM, SWE, and our community efforts. Brittney spearheaded the application process and contacting the local guidance counselors in the school districts. The local School districts are excited about the scholarship and we’ve talked with students and their parents who are already interested in applying. Brittney’s innovative and creative ideas, along with her tireless efforts to make the auction a success, illustrate her dedication to SWE, to STEM, and to her community. She’s an invaluable resource to our section and deserving of the Diamond Award.

Congratulations to Lauren Wolf, the recipient of the Distinguished New Engineer Award!  This prestigious award is bestowed to a woman who has demonstrated outstanding technical performance in the first 10 years of her career, as well as leadership in professional organizations such as the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and the community.  Lauren first joined Boeing in 2008 and has worked on multiple programs supporting 767, 747, 787, P-8, AWACS, B-1, and the BDS M/MIC in several locations as an engineer.  She worked at Boeing South Carolina as a Tool Engineer from 2010-2013.  She was an active member of the SWE Lowcountry section and served two terms as President.  Lauren has also served SWE at the region level as the FY14 Region D Lt. Governor.


Congratulations Lauren!

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